NSD is here again, and i worked hard the last couple of weeks to have some amazing new collections for you and new commercial use packs.


First i start with a request wich was posted at the makeitformeSSD. Someone requested a food truck collection. We have several food truck festivals here in the netherlands during summer where i planned to go with my oldest daughter so i was very inspired by this theme.

It has a lot of amazing add-ons and elements wich makes it even perfect for other food pages as well where there is no truck at all.


Next i have made for you is a new addition to my Animated Dream Serie with Meagan of Meagan’s Creations. This time we made an collection inspired by The Croods

Animated Dreams: Cavemen

And last collection but not at least. Is another sport wich you can practise as as a sporter or just as fun with mini golf.
My hubby can always completly relax by watching golf on the television. Last weeks he enjoyed some games on screen and i came with the idea that maybe the golf season has started so this inspired me to vreate a golf collection. Perfect to use for both for fun or as a real sport.



At SHCO is a huge sale going as well Save 60% storewide. I have made a lot of new packs for your designing resources and a grab bag.



Thank you for reading all the way to here… I have made a freebie for you wich is coördinating with Food on wheels. 3 fun Icecream wordarts also in stamps